Yom Haatzmaut Addition for Your Daily Prayerbook

For Yom Haatzmaut, Israel Independence Day, here is how you may legitimately add to your siddur using a “liturgical loophole.”

The Artscroll Siddur has personal prayers for livelihood and for forgiveness that “during the silent Shemoneh Esrei one may insert” into the paragraph of shema koleinu (p. 108 in shacharit in some editions).

If you use that siddur, or any prayerbook, and if you do wish to follow the advice therein, our recommendation is that you upgrade your prayerbook as follows.

Since you may insert an additional prayer into the standard formula of the Shemoneh Esrei, make your supplication special – a prayer for livelihood and forgiveness – and especially for the welfare of the State of Israel. Each day, three-times-a-day (according to the Artscroll editors) you can insert the “personal” prayer into your Amidah prayers. So, why not just do it? Insert the broad, meaningful, timely and powerful liturgy at the appointed location — the Prayer for the State of Israel.

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