Esther Wojcicki: A Jewish Mother of the Tech Revolution

 sometimes direct tourists toward ‘the HP garage,’ which is marked with a plaque and gets photographed a lot. It is three blocks down the street from my house. HP bought that garage, and the house it is attached to, decades ago, and preserves it. HP holds receptions in that old house sometimes, and people cherish the honor of being close to two pioneers of the technology revolution.

I’m here to tell you this: Some pioneers of the technology revolution are Jewish women. You don’t hear very much about them, because no one has put up a plaque for them yet. One of then is named Esther Wojcicki, aka “Woj.” Woj serves as Vice Chair on the Creative Commons Board of Directors, and is a pioneer in education and technology.

I sat down with her, and when I listed a few of the women contributors to the technology revolution, she had never heard of them but was not surprised that she hadn’t heard of them. “Girls, women, are taught to be retiring, and quiet,” she said. “I tell my kids to be very careful about that when they go out into the world.”


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