yes you can a guide to success in life

Yes You Can! A Guide to Success in Life

Aron Friedman

Publisher: Artscroll

As a professional counselor, Aron Friedman has seen many people slide into despair because they have not met their own life’s expectations. The frustration is palpable; the agony of pondering how to achieve success leaves many bewildered and hopeless.

Over the years, he developed an approach to helping people achieve their goals and develop happy lives. With sincere concern and consummate skill, he has written this book to give these keys to self-fulfillment to every reader. In it, he explores the core reasons for feelings of failure; notes the mechanisms used by successful people; and recommends actions to reverse what may seem like a lifelong sentence of dejection.

Using case histories from his practice to illustrate important principles, the author creates a clear map of how to get where you want to go. In the course of revealing his insights into the human mind, he draws upon his considerable Torah knowledge. The result is a satisfying, perceptive and readable guide to contentment.

Learn how to take control of your life. Years of frustration may cause you to doubt that you can do it — but after reading this book you will truly realize that “Yes, you can!”

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