Why is This App Different from All Other Apps?

A newly published interactive Haggada app downloadable for iPad users and kitted with some of the latest multi-sensory technology could be the best gadget yet to get kids (and adults) truly engaged at this year’s Seder proceedings.

Featuring traditional kosher for Passover recipes, a host of pre-Passover preparation tips such as how to arrange the seder plate and other rituals, as well as games, photos and other interactive elements to keep participants entertained throughout the Seder service, the app was designed by New York-based Melcher Media with input from some top Jewish scholars.

“Many of us have been using the same copy of the Haggada all our lives, but today we celebrate, share, and learn in new ways so it’s time for a new Haggada that both honors the old and celebrates the new,” commented Charlie Melcher, founder and president of Melcher Media.

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