Why are you still frum?

This may be one of the most common questions I get asked from people who read my blog and I really don’t understand it much. The question is usually prefaced with “after all the crap you’ve seen or been through” followed by some sort of diatribe on why they left the path and wondering why I haven’t done the same. The real answer without going into crazy detail is because I believe that God said so.

It just so happens to be that I haven’t really been through more or seen more crap than anyone else who grew up in or is involved with the orthodox community, I just have a skill in pointing it out, making fun of it and exposing our flaws for all to see, but I still wonder why that would make me leave my religion. I have met and spoken to all kinds of Jews and the Jew-curious and almost every off the derech person knows of me and many have been in contact with me – they have many stories and reasons, most of which I cannot relate to. I have no idea what my reaction to orthodoxy would be if my rebbe had raped in cheder, or if my parents were overbearing and strict, or if I had judged my religion based on the people practicing it – which I don’t.

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