What’s your favorite segulah? Here are my top 10

It seems that we are so accustomed to hearing negative things about segulas that we’ve forgotten there are ones that actually hold true. Whenever you hear the term segulah, it’s usually followed up with some crazy scenario that has never actually worked. Thank you to Avromy Lapp, for posting some of these on my Facebook page.

  1. Segulah for recovery from illness – go to a doctor [Berachot 60a, Bava Kamma 46b)
  2. Segulah for longevity – lead a healthy lifestyle (Rambam, De’ot 4:20)
  3. Segulah for marriage – look for a suitable wife (Kiddushin 2b)
  4. Segulah for shalom bayit – love and forebearance (Sanhedrin 7a, Bava Metzia 59a)
  5. Segulah for children – prayer to Hashem (Shmuel I 1)

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