What’s in a Name? Finding Solidarity in a Young Jew’s Herstory

Yesterday, as Yom Kippur approached, social justice organizers and progressive Jews gathered in downtown Boston to not only “remember” often underseen and undervalued laborers but also to stand in solidarity with the current labor struggles of our day. Here is Erica Concors’, one committed organizer’s, powerful speech. 

Question 1: Can you think of a janitor that you know? Take a moment to really think about it.

I was asked this question just two weeks ago by Ben Kuss, an organizer from Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 615, the area Janitors’ Union, at an event hosted by the Moishe Kavod Jewish Social Justice House. And upon hearing this question I quickly realized that I couldn’t think of one. Not one. I couldn’t think of a single janitor that I had ever interacted with-not even one that I could pass off to the person sitting next to me in an anecdotal story.

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