We Wish You a Dramatic Passover

We wish all of our readers a dramatic Passover.

Actually we think it may be appropriate officially to wish you all an anxiety-ridden Passover. And most probably it is not at all proper to wish you a happy Passover.

It’s a bit tricky to explain this. We start with the Midrash books called Pesikta Derav Kehana and Yalkut Shimoni. Both point out that regarding the Sukkot holiday the Torah says “happy” three times, for Shavuot, one time. But for Passover you will not find a single mention of “happy” in scripture.

Sure there’s a generic holiday commandment that you should “rejoice in your festival” and that applies to Passover too. Note well: To have a happy holiday and to have a holiday that is happy are two different things. Happy as an adjective means to engage in happy celebrations, ritual activities. We wish each other, “Happy Festivals.”

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