U.K. extends Rosh Hashanah greetings, hopeful for Israeli-Palestinian peace

U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague extended Rosh Hashanah greetings on Tuesday to the British Jewish community as well as Jews around the world, expressing hope that a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would be reached in the upcoming year.

“The Jewish New Year traditionally gives us the chance to pause and reflect on the past year and its events,” Hague said. He discussed the Arab Spring and the uprisings that have swept up the Middle East, acknowledging that while they have created hope and freedom they have also brought great uncertainty for Israel.

The U.K. foreign secretary expressed hope that “the new year should bring us closer towards a negotiated solution between Israel and the Palestinians,” adding that “this is the only way that Israelis and Palestinians can achieve the lasting peace and security they both need and deserve, and which the Arab Spring has made more crucial than ever.”

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