TTTT at Mule Creek Prison

Emuna Outreach is proud to be sponsoring the distribution of hundreds of copies of The Trail to Tranquility to inmates in the California State Prison system. Thanks to our friends at the Aleph Institute and Emuna Outeach activists David and Racheli Reckles, The Trail to Tranquility is already all widely distributed among inmates in the Florida and New York State prisons. Here’s one of the many letters we received from inmates, this one from Mule Creek Prison in California:

Shalom, Emuna Outreach!

I read the Trail to Tranquility by Lazer Brody and am amazed at how universally that could be applied here in this prison. It would aid my Lifer’s Group in forming a Anger management Peer Education Group. What a precious gift it would be to prepare these men for the Parole Board and for life once released.


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