Regards From Tornado Alley-Bama

Dear Rabbi Lazer,

During the past 24 hours, Roy and I witnessed Psalm 91 in action.  We are located right in the middle of the path of the tornado outbreak that left destruction in Mississippi and across the state of Alabama.  In addition to thanking Hashem for His wonderful protection, we also thank Him for all of your emuna CD’s and books.  While other people were gripped with panic and terror, we were completely calm as we put our trust and our lives in Hashem’s hands.

I’ve enclosed a screenshot (above) of one of the tornadoes that was captured live by the local news skycam as it approached Tuscaloosa.  About 30 minutes earlier, this same tornado passed by our house.  Trees were uprooted and tossed about, limbs and other debris were thrown around, blocking streets and causing a lot of damage.  Except in our yard!  Not only did Hashem protect our lives, He also protected our house and our vehicles which came through without a scratch!  Only a few scattered leaves in our yard.  Absolutely amazing.  Thousands of people across the state are still without power this morning.  When I awoke and saw that our power had been restored, I immediately told Roy that we had to tell Rabbi Lazer about this miracle!!!!

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