Trust: A Key Ingredient to a Lasting Marriage

Trusting your partner is one of the most important ingredients of marriage. It is like strong glue that holds a couple together despite great adversities. Aside from love, trust is one of the most important foundations of a successful marriage. The key to creating a relationship built on trust is to continuously make an effort everyday to show respect, love and honesty. Here are some guidelines in promoting trust among Jewish couples.

  • Always work on improving your communication skills. Promote openness in your relationship. Be a good listener. Never interrupt your spouse during discussions. This shows respect and self discipline.
  • Never hesitate to express your needs as a husband or wife and express them clearly. Not being able to communicate with your partner about your needs and expectations is one of the reasons why many couples often argue. Some people hesitate to express their needs and expectations for fear of rejection. Let go of any inhibitions you may have. Your partner must fully understand your needs and expectations.
  • Be optimistic about the future. When you envision your future as a couple positively, you will learn to let go of any fears you may have like betrayal and disappointment.
  • Don’t allow important issues to be forgotten without resolving it. Never allow resentment to build up in your marriage. Talk about your marriage issues without yelling at each other.
  • Never put down your partner. A person who constantly puts you down may lack genuine love for you. Do not allow your partner to feel this way. Respect your partner and make him or her feel important every day.

Trust is something that you will continuously build all throughout your married life. A good marriage is never good enough when trust is lacking. To gain trust is to earn it. Strive everyday to maintain the trust of your partner and in return, learn to trust him.

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