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Torah Tots Video

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Welcome to the world of Torah Tots – a world in which the traditions that we hold most dear, come to life in animation and splendor.

The Torah Tots characters teach important Jewish lessons in a notably unique fashion that will keep children (and we dare say adults) entertained for hours at a time.

The Torah Tots take us on a journey to the fabled city of Tots Land that lies deep in the imagination of Jewish children. A place where the values and mitzvos that we treasure come to life in song, dance and animated lessons.

The Torah Tots have been compared to The Muppets and Barney for Jewish children. Nine original songs by The Walt Disney of Jewish music, Reuven A. Stone, are fully orchestrated, choreographed and staged with a quality that will enchant and delight children of all ages.

Explore important Jewish themes and traditions like Friendship, Hebrew Name, Lashon Hora (guarding ones tongue), Kindness, and more.

The Torah Tots characters and stage shows have been enthusiastically received as a highly developed educational tool.

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