alef bet blast off episode 2 fixing the world

Alef Bet Blast-Off: Episode #2: Fixing the World

This magical series of eight video episodes introduces children to traditional Jewish values and how relevant they are to today’s modern world. With a sprinkle of his magical matzah meal, the fearless Mitzvah Mouse takes our main puppet characters, David and Rachel back in time to meet some of the most important people in Jewish History. Each video is filled with music, mystery, magic and a moral lesson easily understood by children. Recommended for ages 3-10.

Episode 2: Fixing the World

When David and Rachel’s Grandpa Abe gives a homeless man a job, the children decide they’d like to do their part in “tikkun olam”- making the World a better place. Their noble attempts seem futile until Mitzvah Mouse magically transports them back in time to meet Maimonides (played by Ed Asner) who explains the tenets of Tzedakah, and the kids quickly learn the value of giving of themselves.

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