Torah Chumash Bemidbar – Numbers

With Commentary based on the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Edited by Rabbi Moshe Wisnefsky
Part of the ‘Torah Chumash’ series.

This innovative Chumash features a new translation/commentary which weaves Rashi’s commentary and the Rebbe’s clarifications right into the English translation of the text. This smooth and clear elucidation is indispensable to the beginner and informative to the advanced.

Text features include:

  • Comprehensive Chasidic insights into the text
  • Inner Dimensions – based on Rashi
  • Visual aids: chronological charts, illustrations, diagrams and maps
  • An overview of each sidra includes the Rebbe’s explanation of the sidra’s name and relevance
  • Full Onkelos and a fully vocalized Hebrew text of Rashi

(600 Pages)


Publisher: Kehot, 2004

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