The Survival Kit Family Haggadah

Shimon Apisdorf

Publisher: Leviathan Press

This is the only Haggadah in the world featuring the Matzahbrei family. Ira, Miriam, Rebecca and Sammy Matzahbrei guide you and your guests through a delightful seder, lucidly explaining the flow of the Haggadah so that no one feels lost or confused.

Featuring the breakthrough “talking Haggadah” — revolutionary translation that blends the standard Haggadah with explanations woven into the text.

Never again will you read a paragraph in the Haggadah and say-”Huh, what’s that supposed to mean?” The insightful commentary, written in a question and answer format, anticipates your questions with answers that are not only informative, but enable you to access the spiritual dimension of the seder. Bring this book to liven up your next seder!

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