The Real Complete Shabat

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35 Songs and Blessings

Shabat mood music, sing along songs, grace after Meals, Havdalah including Sepharadic and Yemenite songs in English and Hebrew. Narration by Rabbi & Cantor Baruch Cohon. 35 songs and blessings on 27 tracks.

Label: World Wide Success, 2000Track Listing
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1. Avirat Shabat
2. Shalom Aleyhem
3. Lecha Dodi
4. Hayom Yom Shishi
5. Candlelightling
6. Bim Bam
7. Eshet Hayil
8. Yevarechecha
9. Kidush
10. Hamotzie
11. Tzur Mishelo - Sepharadic
12. Yedid Nefesh
13. Haleluya
14. Hadidi Dai
15. Ki Eshmera - Sepharadic
16. Hine Ma Tov version 1
17. Hine Ma Tov version 2
18. Beror Yikera - Yemenite
19. Birkat Hamazon
20. Ose Shalom
21. Adon Olam
22. Shma Israel
23. La Ner - Yemenite
24. My Bobiniu
25. Havdalah
26. Shavuah Tov
27. Ellyahu Hanavi

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