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Buchari Kippah
Buchari Kippah is probably one of the most of obvious signs of belonging to this very special Jewish community of Central Asia. Not all of the kippot made in Asia are Buchari kippot. Buchari kippah is worn by the Jews of Bukhara that trace their origin all way back to the Israelites who never came back from Babylonian Exile. Bukharian Jews, whose name comes from the ancient emirate of Bokhara, hail from Uzbekistan and its neighboring five Central Asian republics sometimes referred to as the ‘five Stans’.

The history of 2.500 year-old Bukharian Jewish community is simply fascinating. The shape of Buchari Kippah is very similar to the traditional hat worn by the neighbors of Bukharan Jews, the Uzbeks and Tadzhiks. Same can be said of the Buchari Kippah patterns and colors. These richness of the color and unique drawings could only be originated from Central Asia.

If you look for the books and articles about the Jews of Bukhara, you will find plenty of the sources. Buchari Kippot can be seen almost everywhere in Israel. Russian and Bukhori, a dialect of the Persian language spoken by Bukharian Jews can easily be heard in Queens, NY – just go to the 108-th street. Rice pilaf, so popular in many restaurants, sounds very similar to ‘plov’ the main rice and lamb dish of Bukharian and Uzbek cuisine.

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