The Merit of the Righteous Women

Mevaser Tov
by The Biala Rebbe
Translated by: Daniel Worenkfein and Reuven Mathieson

A Chassidic discourse on the essential role of women in the preservation of the Jewish people. This volume is the first English translation from the extensive works of HaRav HaGaon B.Z. Rabinowitz, the Biala Rebbe, shlita


  • The True Beauty of Jewish Women
  • The Creation of a Home
  • The Jewish Marriage
  • With Wisdom She Builds Her Home
  • The Tree of Knowledge
  • To Honour Her More Than He Honours Himself
  • A Helper Beside Him
  • She Opens His Eyes and Stands Him on His Feet
  • Let Their Homes Not Become Their Graves
  • From the Water He Was Drawn
  • Sacred from Birth
  • Exemption from Positive, Time-Bound Mitzvos
  • The Mitzvah of the Parah Adumah
  • Ruth, the Mother of Royalty
  • The Prayers of the Righteous Women
  • Care (Guests and Children)
(405 Pages)

Publisher: Megamah Publishing, 2003

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