the longest hatred

The Longest Hatred

Why can’t Jews, Arabs, and Palestinians coexist? The answers are deep-rooted, complex, and fully detailed in this stunning history of Jewish persecution.

”They are the other. They are not us.” Throughout time, words such as these have been used to justify and vilify. The Longest Hatred takes an unsparing look at the ways such words have shaped the experience of Jewish people in this a revealing history of anti-Semitism, a hatred with roots long before the Holocaust and enduring intensity that continues to erupt in the violent conflicts of today.

Part One, From the Cross to the Swastika, traces an image that begins with the earliest writings of Christianity, which leveled the charge that Jews were responsible for Jesus death. In this segment, historians show how demonizing dogma has affected Jews through the centuriesin Italy, Spain, England, and Germanyreaching its zenith with the development of Nazi ideology.

Part Two, Enemies of the People, shows how anti-Semitic sentiment has accompanied a growing nationalism in Europe in recent decades, causing a mass exodus of Jews from Russia and even resurfacing in Poland and Austria, where few Jews remain. In Germany, the remarkable collapse of the Berlin wall has been followed by the rise of neo-Nazism among German youth.

Part Three, Between Moses and Muhammed, takes a humanistic look at relations between Arabs and Israelis, once linked by pseudo-science under the degrading label ”Semite,” and now enmeshed in one of the worlds most violent conflicts. Experts on both sides tell how Arabs and Jews, who for centuries lived in relative peace, have been drastically alienated by political turmoiland how the anti-Jewish propaganda now disseminated in the Arab world is so eerily like that seen in Europe before World War II.

Special DVD features include: scene selections and closed captions. 150 minutes on one DVD disc. Region coding: All regions. Audio: Dolby stereo. Screen format:4 x 3 full frame.

Publisher: WGBH, 1993/2004

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