Dove Shalom Bayit Mezuzah Case – Glass

by Artist Susan Fullenbaum

Peace in the home is the translation of the Hebrew, Shalom Bayit, on this mezuzah. Another peace symbol, that of the dove, is also used to compliment the meaning of the mezuzah. The graphic was designed with Julie Staller-Pentelnik, a Hebrew calligrapher and artist of ketubot. The graphic in the shalom bayit mezuzah has been sandblasted and fire polished in the kiln. A second layer of glass is added and then the mezuzah front is adhered to the Plexiglas case.

Aqua-opal finish. Handcrafted, frosted, stained glass art mezuzah is attached to an acrylic mezuzah case. Handmade by artist Susan Fullenbaum. Case will hold a mezuzah scroll up to 7 cm. Scroll sold separately.


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