The Horse is out of the Barn

Yes, when your kid is 24 and has been living in LA since she was 18, the horse is not only out of the barn, the barn is so old it’s ready to be torn down making way for condos.    Goddess Mom’s advice to her daughter?  ”She needs to think about her future. . . She was a straight-A student in school. But she’s an adult now. I don’t know what advice I can give an adult.”

Goddess Mom is correct to recognize the difficulty in giving advice to your adult child. Is there any point in sitting your child down the night before they leave for college or wherever to share pithy advice?  No.

That’s why you need to share your pithy advice when your kids are young and particularly throughout their teen years.  Create an environment of trust and openness that invites conversation and a sharing of ideas.  Build a foundation in your family that exemplifies an honest, ethical, compassionate life, and then your children will more than likely follow that path when they live on their own.


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