The Best Entertainers on Earth

Jewish people might be out numbered by people belonging to other religion but they can’t be outnumbered by the contribution towards countless fields that we live in. Whether its in the line of  science, literature, medicine, and economy. Name any field you can, you will find the highest contribution are made by Jewish people like the great Albert Einstein, Henry Bergson, Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov, Paul Anthony Samuelson and many many more in different fields . Its not that other religion people are no good but the fact is no one is more hardworking and dedicated in their chosen work than the Jewish people .

This article is about the Best Entertainers on Earth who are none other than the Jewish people, this article will help people can find out the most famous actors, musicians, directors, comedians that people idolize are Jews. Most people care less about there favorite actors roots of religion, and yet we find countless of articles on the internet showing hatred toward the Jewish people calling them foolish and selfish yet forgetting the people and celebrities we idolize are Jewish people. This people who entertain the whole world the people who have the most creative ideas, the people who not only care for themselves but more for the world and to bring all the world together on one stage Entertainment. Whether the person living in Arab world or western world every one enjoys mainstream entertainment and entertainment is created by none other than the Jewish people .

While people do have differences in listening to music cause of the language but Hollywood movies are the most watched movies across the planet which are watched in dubbed audio for those who don’t understand English or with subtitles if not dubbed .

The origin of Main Stream Hollywood starts from The formation of six major studios in Hollywood

1.      Columbia Pictures Started by American Jew Henry Cohn in 1919

2.       20th Century Fox Started by American Jew in 1915

3.      Warner Bros Started by Canadian American Jew Jack Warner in 1919

4.      Paramount Pictures Started by Hungarian Jew Adolph Zukor in 1916

5.      Universal Pictures Started by Jew Carl Laemmie in 1912

6.      MGM Started by Jew Louis B Mayer in 1924

Decades and Years have past these six studios are still the biggest Studios on the planet earth, these studios not only run Hollywood production companies but also cable television network’s which includes entertainment channels to news channels to sports channels to any other channel. Just like in the start of this article, Jewish people are not only entertainers but serve in every field that we can imagine. Major Studios have created thousands and thousands of jobs for people not only in USA but all across the world, these studios have brought us thousands of movies and actors come and go throughout the history and the studios and movies has entertained infinite number of people .

Name the greatest directors of all time and three names will come in everybody’s mind will be none other than Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick and Woody Allen. No one can deny their contribution towards the cinema, the living proof of that is their movies likes of Saving Private Ryan & Schindler’s List by Spielberg and 2001: A Space Odyssey by Kubrick and Annie Hall by Woody Allen still remains one of the all time favorite movies and are included in every top 50 movies by every critic and even on list voted by fans.

These three directors are most critically acclaim apart from them there are other countless directors whose movies have been critically acclaimed throughout the world if you see in modern times. Director like Darren Arofonosky is a prime example of that, and fast becoming a future big director. Most famous actors and actresses have Jewish lineage from Barbara Streisand winner of nine Golden Globe awards, Harrison Ford, Tony Curtis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman,Winona Ryder, Paul Newman and the list goes on and on. Don’t forget those who strive to make us smile and happy no one can forget comedians likes of Three Stooges, Jerry Lewis, Jerry Seinfeld, and Sarah Silverman.

So the thing is straight my friends despite all the fighting and the hardships throughout the neo Nazi era, which if any other people would have faced would have never become so stable like the Jews. The Jewish people fought the hardships and continued working hard not only for themselves but for the whole world. So stop the hatred towards the most intelligent and world serving people the Jewish people. Some of us might not belong to Judaism religion, but we have the most respect for these people. The whole world should stand up and give respect to them and appreciate their countless contribution in every field existed on this planet earth.

Remain and live in peace and god bless you all.

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