Synagogues and New Technology

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Synagogues and New Technology

Yoram Samets, of Jvillage Network in Burlington, Vermont, wrote an interesting essay for the eJewishPhilanthropy blog titled “Purposeful and Passionate: Synagogues in the Age of Facebook.”

Ultimately, I think he was being too delicate with synagogues by letting them know that it’s okay to move slowly in adapting to new technology. He writes that “synagogues lagging behind cultural change is nothing new. In fact, there are those who would say synagogues should operate from a thoughtful, process-driven perspective and adopt change slowly. In essence, I would agree with that. The challenge is all in the balance.”


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  • Marcia Borensztajn

    I think that mobile technology should be part of the new technology mix that Jewish organizations should adopt. Increasingly, people are getting their information through apps and synagogues would benefit from connecting with their members through mobile platforms as well.

    Here is an article from the Jewish Advocate about an iPhone app that my husband and I have developed. The app is available in the App Store under SSDS. We are in touch with a number of synagogues (an organization gets its own app in the App Store for a modest monthly fee). For us this shows that synagogues are certainly looking to adopt new technology to benefit their members where possible.

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