Suddenly, We Discovered We’re Jews

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I will never forget that night – Christmas Eve. I was five years old, and the entire family gathered for “the holiday”. During the celebration, my father revealed that his father’s family was of Jewish decent. My grandmother – his mother – became silent. I never got over it.

Despite the Christmas discovery, the family had always acted as a Christian non-religious family. We didn’t enter churches, and it seemed to me – as a child – like a normal thing.

But when I grew up, I was married in a church as part of the Portuguese tradition. I got married – and felt emptiness during the ceremony. Something was missing.

Several years ago, I suddenly felt a spiritual longing, a need to develop, to become a better person. I needed answers.

I visited the Sistine Chapel in Italy and discovered that all the amazing paintings there are related to the Bible. Something erupted in me. I realized that the truth was in the Bible, and that this was the people I belonged to.


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