Australian Jews Being Accused of ‘Dual Loyalty’

In the wake of the publicity surrounding Prisoner X, Australian Jews are under attack by elements outside and within the Jewish community over charges of “dual loyalty.” The Australian media has been full of stories about Ben Zygier, and how he ended up dead in an Israeli prison, apparently a Mossad agent – and elements in the country are taking advantage of the stories to cast aspersion on the loyalty of Australian Jews to their country of birth.

On Wednesday, Joseph Wakim, who heads the Australian Arabic Council, wrote in an op-ed on an Australian news site Wednesday that the Taglit (Birthright) program, which takes college age students to Israel to familiarize them with the country, was “an indoctrination program” to give “Australian dual citizens an Israeli identity. The unanswered questions about Prisoner X go beyond the peculiarities of Ben Zygier,” wrote Wakim. “They go to the heart of the taboo question on dual citizenship that the Zionist President evaded: ‘At what point does loyalty to Israel become disloyalty to Australia?’”


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