Soncino Midrash Rabbah CD ROM

Windows or Mac

The complete text of the Midrash Rabbah in Hebrew and English.
The Midrash Rabbah contains homiletical, ethical, and moral interpretations of the Bible, as expounded by the rabbis during Talmudic times. The Soncino translation of the Midrash Rabbah is renowned as the most scholarly, authoritative, yet easy-to-read translation available. Since the Tanach is included on this CD, when the Midrash quotes a verse from the Tanach, the user can instantly see the verse-complete with the surrounding text-and English translation.

Windows Requirements: PC with Windows 3.1 or Higher, 4 MB RAM, and CD-Rom drive
.Mac Requirements: Macintosh with 4 MB RAM, and CD-Rom drive.

Publisher: Davka

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