Should Yeshiva Students be Forced to Enlist?

Netanyahu and Lieberman are threatening to head to the polls early over the enlistment of yeshiva students, the haredim declare it “will never be allowed to happen” and experts disagree over whether national service – military or civil – of the majority of the haredi sector is even a realistic scenario in the foreseeable future.

Researcher of haredi society, sociologist Dr Nissim Leon (Bar Ilan University) is convinced that the State would be able to enlist the majority of haredi yeshiva students through legislation, even if there is no rabbinical approval of the move.

“There might be a few demonstrations, but eventually it would happen,” he says adding “ultimately it mainly depends on the government’s decision.”

Dr. Leon explained that we are in a time “between dusk and twilight” vis a vis strength, authority and influence of haredi leaders and this opens a window of opportunity for far reaching social change on matters like these especially if the chosen model for haredi enlistment will not be sweeping and will take the existence of a “scholarly elite” into consideration.


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