Selling shiurim with sex works

A few weeks back someone posted the following ad for a shiur on Facebook and now I would love to attend this shiur, though I’m sure one of you learned folks will give me the answer, I found it interesting that frum folks were started to use talmudic sex to market their wares – then again, everyone knows that whenever you see Rabbi/Dr. in front of the name they are really modern orthodox.

There was once a yeshiva student who was boarding with a family. This yeshiva student had an adulterous relationship with the married woman of the house. He then repented and went to a yeshiva in a different city. He then got engaged to –lo and behold–the daughter of that woman. He thus posed the question to Node Beyehudah (d. 1793) as to whether or not he should tell the husband of this woman (i.e. his father-in-law) of his adulterous relationship with his mother-in-law.


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