School Bus Driver Rescues Netanyahu’s Press Corps On FDR Drive

More than a dozen Israeli and German journalists covering Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the UN found themselves stranded in a tunnel near the FDR Drive after the SUV sent by the U.S. Secret Service to ferry them ran out of gas en route to the Prime Minister’s hotel on the East side, the Times of Israel reported (

Florit Peretz, a Netanyahu staffer in charge of the traveling press corps, ordered them to remain in the vehicle, but the journalists refused. Some managed to hail a taxi as cars breezed past them in the tunnel. The rest hailed a nearly empty small yellow school bus to take to them to the UN. Only the bus driver’s friend was on board.

The Secret Service driver protested. “Do not get on this bus, it has not undergone any security checks,” he commanded. “I can’t guarantee that I can get this vehicle anywhere near the hotel or the UN.”


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