Linda Green – A signature that can save your home

If you’ve bought or sold a home in the recent years, you need to know this. In an exclusive investigation, homeowners found a signature hidden deep in their mortgage documents might be a lifesaver for thousands of homeowners in Massachusetts. For those in danger of foreclosure this might be the leverage they need to save their homes.

Most of these homeowners are looking for a certain signature in their documents, a signature that can save them from having their homes taken away from them or place them on risk, this signature belongs to Linda Green. Although the name appears in all of the documents, the same person did not make them.

Southern Essex District Registry of Deeds John O’Brien is convinced that so far that any documents that bears the name is fraudulent and not legitimate. The different looking signatures can be traced to a company in Georgia that was used by banks and mortgage companies to make ad sign the documents. Investigators now believe that different employees of the company have signed the name Linda Green in which they believe thousands of Massachusetts mortgage documents.

During the investigation of the Essex County Registry of Deeds, have found 22 different styles of Linda Green signature in at least from 33 different banks and mortgage companies. If this phony signature appears in your mortgage paperwork it might place the ownership of your home in question.

Mortgage analysts say that this is a problem of epic proportions, since the depth of fraud is already shocking. In Essex County alone, the signature of Linda Green appear to almost 6,000 of mortgage documents as of now banks are working ways to create a new payment scheme for homeowners and in some cases left them alone.

But the signature saves not all, homeowners that are still paying their mortgages that have Linda Green’s signature might have trouble. They might not be able to sell them homes or refinance it and this is a big problem for them. Officials are now demanding banks and mortgage companies to fix the fraudulent paperwork, until this problem is fixed they are advising homeowners to please double check your mortgage papers.

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