Schochet Drops Out, Says Britain Won’t Accept Lubavitcher Chief Rabbi

One of the United Synagogue’s most high-profile rabbis, Yitzchak Schochet, says he has not applied to be chief rabbi, claiming that the United Synagogue of Great Britain would not accept a Lubavitch candidate.

The Mill Hill Synagogue minister, in an article in today’s JC, doubted whether he would even have got his present job today because of his Lubavitch background.

Rabbi Schochet questioned whether Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks would have been overlooked for the job if he had been “black” – a shorthand way of identifying Lubavitch followers.

“By virtue of my Chabad [Lubavitch] identity, a badge I wear with honour, I am black,” he wrote. “Having served as chairman of the Rabbinical Council for three years, and vice-chair for three years prior, I am very aware of a definite bias against Chabad, both from within the Beth Din as well as the lay leadership.”


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