Rosh Hashanah Greetings From YWN – As It Enters It’s 7th Year

On this Erev Rosh Hashanah morning of 5771/72, we would like to thank our tens of thousands of devoted readers across the globe for visiting YWN each day, patronizing our advertisers, and continuing to make our website grow into your #1 stop for breaking news. We started YWN six years ago, and without your participation, we would not be entering our 7th year together.

Thanks to our entire staff of reporters, office personnel, our photo & video staff – including, Yehuda Boltshauser (the ENTIRE STAFF at Kuvien Images & YWN Israel), Hillel Engel, JDN, PhotoDynamics, Shimon Gifter, and the rest of the team – for capturing as many photos & videos as possible of anything of interest for the YWN readership. Thanks to them, our photo gallery has close to 400,000 photos!


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