Reproductive Rights in Texas: Here I Am.

I am a Jewish-Texan who is supportive of women’s reproductive freedom. That’s quite a description and it’s not easy to be all three in this state. In a state where both the Senate and the House of Representatives are led by the conservative majority, being a Jewish-Texan supporter of women’s reproductive rights is like being an endangered species living on a blue island in an ocean of red.

Tonight I wore that designation with pride. I was witness to the power of passionate citizens voicing their opposition to a Texas Senate that, through legislation, continues eroding the right for a woman to easily and safely access abortion.

On Monday, I received a request through social media from Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas and NARAL Pro-Choice that people who stood with Texas women were needed at the state capitol. We were needed to represent ourselves and the women who could not be there, and show that we were prepared to fight against those who would deny Texas women’s right to their own personal medical decisions.


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