Religious Woman Proud to Serve in Police

For almost three years now, Lilach Mamouka, 39, an Orthodox Jew and mother of three, volunteers at the Ashdod police station without compromising her religious lifestyle, including observing Jewish modesty laws.

As a volunteer, Mamouka has encountered various criminal occurrences, from neighborhood disputes to violent acts and even murder.

And still, people find it hard to get used to seeing her in crime scenes. “That’s what it’s like when you’re a policewoman in a long skirt and head cover,” Mamouka says. “I sanctify God as well as my commitment to the public, and the two are not contradictory. On the contrary, I feel I’m doing holy work.”

Recently, Mamouka was called in to handle a domestic dispute in which a mother threatened to kick her daughter out of the house after the latter announced she was gay.


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