Reclaiming Judaism as a Spiritual Practice

Holy Days and Shabbat
by Rabbi Goldie Milgram

This inspiring guidebook is your wake-up call for understanding the powerful intellectual and emotional tools that are essential for a lively, relevant, and fulfilling Jewish spiritual practice. Designed to become a lifelong resource for holy days and Shabbat, it presents Judaism as an evolving tradition in which you are the entrusted heir. The exercises and practices draw from the foundations of Judaism and empower you to create meaningful, satisfying, contemporary Jewish experiences for how you live today.

Focusing on Jewish holy days and Shabbat, Rabbi Goldie solidly grounds her teachings in a context of religious pluralism with careful attention to both tradition and cutting-edge developments across the full spectrum of Jewish life. From engaging in meditation walks to prepare you to do teshuvah, to identifying the minyan of your life, to creating a spiritual menu for your Passover seder, the practices in this inspiring guide resonate with your concerns today. Whether new to Judaism, deeply engaged, or returning with curiosity and hope after a long absence, Rabbi Goldie provides the spiritual tools you need to dig beneath the layers of tradition to reconnect with a healthy spiritual life infused with meaning, integrity, and joy.(272 Pages)


Publisher: Jewish Lights, 2004

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