Reclaim the J.A.P.

Like, oh my g-d! Like, like really…If it looks like a J.A.P. and sounds like a J.A.P., is it a J.A.P. (Jewish American Princess)?

Maybe you knew this girl in middle school, or maybe you were this girl in high school: a naïve, airhead Jewess living in a bubble, with no regard for the world beyond the tip of your nose. I have been called a J.A.P. on occasion and hated the general reference. Firstly, I am not American (I know its semantics but still, I am proudly Canadian). Secondly, a Jewish American Princess (J.A.P.) essentially is a nickname for a spoiled and entitled Jewish women—it’s a racist and sexist offensive slur because it implies that being Jewish makes you spoiled, rich, and entitled.

Third, you do not really know me at all. You are literally judging me—because if you really knew me, you would know that this term does not fit me at all. A J.A.P. at one point in your growing up years made your life a living hell for a series of reasons but most likely you did not really know her (she barely knew herself). This was never my mode of operation. I started to think that, in today’s age, the J.A.P. of yesteryear is no longer. Because we all knew them or hated them or hated ourselves for being seen as them.


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