Reasons why Matisyahu shaved his beard!

My first thought upon hearing that Matisyahu shaved his beard was that it was a publicity stunt and that it was somehow orchestrated by some folks at YU to take some of the unwanted publicity away from them because of their censorship and rampant premarital sex issues. The second thought was, maybe it’s just a regular marketing tactic, I haven’t heard much of Matisyahu lately and that means he must need some sort of attention. Then of course, I started wondering about all the Vos Iz Neias types who will be fearing he’s going off the derech and not let their kids listen to his music anymore.

I’m pretty sure that the Beard Shave is getting more attention than the Beacon ever did and that pretty everyone besides me has forgotten about the YU Sex scandal that’s still raging as it’s finals season and those Stern Girls are getting frisky at Brookdale. It just so happens to be that I couldn’t care less about whether Matisyahu looks like a 19th century European or not, though I’m sure some people do – I’m almost required to write about it, because some people (I know none of them personally) actually care what I think. So here’s what I think.


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