Time to Sparkle

I had to do some deep and major digging the last couple of years. Transitions whacked me in the face a-plenty, and the best way I can describe the other side of all that turmoil, trauma and tumultuousness, is with one word:


I have come to a point where I feel nothing – emptiness.

But, I feel, ya’ know?

It’s just a feeling like nothing I have ever felt before.

We as a collective People (Jewish and non-Jewish together as One People) have become so accustomed to struggle, hardship, and tending to the negative of life that we forget that not only are we Born to Kvetch–to complain, to question, to speak up and all-together defy that which we hear and see in order to really claim our Truth; but that we are also Born to Soar: to exceed our expectations of life, to create our lives as beautifully as we can paint them, one brush stroke at a time.

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