Rav Grossman and the Paratroopers

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Rav Grossman and the Paratroopers

Here’s why Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman of Migdal HaEmek is one of Israel’s most beloved rabbis. His love for every Jew has no bounds.

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  • Tbsgroup

    I feel impressed to be able to contact as many people of the Jewish faith and let them know that I wish to consecrate my time in offering those that too feel impressed to create neighborhoods of like-minded people who want to live in safety and peace.

    To create neighborhoods in consecration, service and love can be done and the blessings would be remembered for generations to come. Just think of it, neighbors working alongside neighbors building their homes together. Men, women and children all contributing to a choice blessing in our lives, something we call “Home”.

    There is a place where I will be helping people that feel impressed to move from their current home to a place of safety and love in the Turks and Caicos Islands. I envision the creation of 50-100 such homes in what I am calling “The Best Neighborhood in the World”.

    If there is anyone out there who feels as I do and would like to assist in such a wonderful venture, Please let me know.

    With God on our side, this can become a reality!

    Tom Robbins

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