Rabbonim Issue Halachick Ruling Regarding Hamanteshen

Purim Satire: One of the most hotly debated topics among halachic authorities has always been regarding the amount one must eat in order to have fulfilled the obligation to eat hamantashen on Purim.

While the authorities have always debated whether the obligation is Biblical or Rabbincal, the issue of how much of the triangular treat is required has never been addressed until recently. As usual, the authorities are split, with some saying that a kazayis is sufficient, while others contend that the size of an egg is required. Still others insist that one is yotzei with even a kol shehu.

Rabbonim are now debating whether only face paint, a clown nose or a wig is sufficient to fulfill the obligation to dress up on Purim, or whether a full-body costume is required.

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