Austria Investigates Alleged Anti-Jewish Cartoon on Facebook Page of Rightist Politician

Austrian authorities are investigating a cartoon on a rightist political leader’s Facebook page that critics say smacked of anti-Semitism by showing a repulsive fat banker with a large hooked nose and what appeared to be Star of David patterns on his cufflinks, an official said Tuesday.

The rightist Freedom Party has called criticism of the caricature politically motivated and said its leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, denies the cartoon posted on his Facebook page Sunday was directed against Jews.

Strache accused his detractors of “trying to link me to something insidious” and said they were seeing Stars of David where there were none. He also said that anyone who automatically assigns ethnicity or religion to a hooked nose is a racist.

Still, the investigation could lead to legal action against those who were responsible for the cartoon.


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