Rabbis To Egypt: Don’t Cancel Pilgrimage To Abir Yaakov Kever

The Conference of European Rabbis said Egypt’s decision to prohibit Jews from visiting the burial site of the Abir Yaakov (Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira) in the Nile delta this year violated human rights and sent the world a message of religious intolerance.

“The world is looking at how Egypt protects the rights of all religious minorities in the country,” CER President Chief Rabbi Goldschmidt said. “To now describe as ‘inappropriate’ a peaceful visit to the tomb of a sainted Egyptian rabbi, which has been going on for decades, is an affront to the principles of tolerance and human rights for which many Egyptians laid down their lives during the Arab Spring.”

A report from Wednesday cited Cairo as saying the event set to take place this year on January 19 could not take place due to “the political and security situation in the country.”

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