Rabbi Yosef’s Critics Under ‘SMS Attack’

Last week, after Yosef Rabbi David Stav, the national-religious Ashkenazi chief rabbi candidate, the activists launched an attack against anyone who dared criticize their leader.

The first person affected by the young Shasniks’ activity was ultra-Orthodox journalist Mendy Gruzman, who slammed Rabbi Yosef’s style on Facebook: “The truth should be told: We are talking about Jewish scholar, but with bad language fitting a typical ‘Ars’ (a derogatory Hebrew slang term for the Israeli stereotype of a low-class young man).”

The response was soon to come. The party activists began bombarding Gruzman with phone calls and text messages, demanding that he apologize for his remarks.

That same day, the group launched an attack on a government minister, who – while commenting on Internet filtering laws – was quoted as saying that the State may have to control Rabbi Yosef’s lectures as well. “They contain content which is offensive to many populations. I’m not sure it’s suitable for children,” he said.

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