Proposal to only rent to Jews in Crown Heights sounds like Nazi Germany

Crown Heights is on the road to becoming the next Williamsburg and it’s chassidic residents feel the need to fight back. A recent letter to the famous mud slinging chabad website called COL, blamed landlords for being too open with who they rent to. Basically, the author of the letter is demanding rental profiling to keep goyim out. I wonder how those chabadnicks would feel if, non-Jewish landlords started profiling to keep Jews out of certain neighborhoods, though this is besides the point. Profiling is wrong and if you’re Chassidic stronghold isn’t really that strong, you shouldn’t be blaming good coffee shops, cool bars and fixed gear bicycle shops for your spiritual woes. I responded to the letter below, which, if you change a few words, sounds awfully similar to a KKK rally speech.

Demographic changes are swiftly changing the culture of our neighborhood. Local Lubavitch landowners and outside chassidic investors are making Crown Heights an attractive location for young, non Jewish tenants. In fact, it has come to attention that some investors are specifically targeting their advertising for this purpose. This is clearly seen with the new PLEX building Montgomery Street and Nostrand Avenue.


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