Off The Derech Community writes Halachic Guidelines

In the early 90′s when the Kids At Risk movement began it wasn’t anything to get too excited over, basically a bunch of yeshiva kids with ADHD who would roam from yeshiva to yeshiva until they hit the end of the line  at Rudinsky, Hamilton, Rochester or Adelphi. When they were done with school, they would hang out in pool halls and listen to Metallica. Fast forward 15 years to today’s highly sophisticated movement of Off The Derech communities around the world. Never did anyone think that those angry yeshiva rejects could form such a community filled with art, culture, and a highly intellectualized population of folks who have all left the community to form their own.

The Off The Derech community is kind of like the modern day haskala, they are at work doing their own kind of kiruv, or reverse kiruv shall we say. Deprogramming the lies, propaganda and cult material that has been shoved down the throats of everyone who’s grown up frum. Of course, like any fast growing community the OTD folks need to have some halachic guidelines, their own shulchan aruch if you will, so that they can start their mesorah somewhere.


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