peace upon the land 2

Peace Upon the Land

Torah’s approach to achieving true peace and security in the Holy Land

The terror that proceeded the Six-Day War, and the Iraqi SCUD missile attacks mirrors the fear and uncertainty of our turbulent times. The first half of this engrossing video segues from battlefield footage to filmed accounts of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, promoting his changeless message of resolute calm and assurances of victory through Mitzvah performance and Torah study. After seeing the Rebbe’s words realized in wartime, it is astonishing that the Rebbe’s clear vision and warnings of the fallacy and danger inherent in ‘land for peace’ negotiations, which are featured in the video’s second half, have been ignored. Watch history unfold and discover a blueprint for action today.

Now available on CD-rom featuring segments accessible by menu.Running time 70 min.

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