Passover Seder Goes Virtual For A Good Cause

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An ages-old tradition has gone high-tech. hopes to get people around the Passover table through social media. It allows users to host a Passover dinner for $36 a table.

“When they get their name over the table, they can then invite all of their freinds to come and put something on their virtual seder table,” says Robert Socolof of the Virtual Passover Seder Table Project.

Each item costs $18 and Socolof says proceeds benefit the Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel, located outside of Tel Aviv.


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  • Moshe Sharon

    So this is what the home stretch looks like a few days before Passover. To be honest, I never paid as much attention to it before; meaning that it has never had the same feel, like time is running out and I gotta do something spectacular to make this the most fantastic year ever. There’s never enough time to really get it right, so I suppose if we asked HaShem to postpone things a little we would only have to search deeper within our souls to cleanse ourselves of arrogance. Thus, we have to make do with the precious little time we’ve got left and cram a whole year’s worth of soul searching in the next fourteen days. It’s like having the last time up at bat, bottom of the ninth inning, trailing by one, two outs, bases are loaded and we’ve got one last chance to hit that sucker out of the park for a grand-slam ending in an underdog winner-take-all scenario. Read more at

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