Passover Kid’s Craft: A Dancing Wine Goblet Paper Chain!

A simple and cute Passover craft to decorate your home—a dancing wine goblet paper chain! You do the cutting and let the little ones do the decorating with markers or even glue and collage materials. I love the results however I must tell you that given the light-weight paper I used and the pattern I cut, the chain is top heavy and can’t be hung from just the two ends as I’d hoped—whaah.  Maybe you have more experience with paper chains and can come up with a more balanced design? It may just be that the arms have to come from the cups themselves to solve the problem. So as not to waste my daughter’s efforts, I’ll probably take a needle and  fish line and sew through the tops of the cups to hang this one properly. And this lttle project would be so cute combined with other popular paper bunting flags, so have fun!


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