Our Lives are on Loan from God

The following story is from a shiur given by Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein.

There was once a young lady who was blind and she was looking for a shidduch. As a blind girl, it was very tough for her. Eventually, she was set up with a boy who fell madly in love with her, and he married her and he took very good care of her.
One day he was listening to the radio and he heard that there was a doctor in the United States that dealt with blind people – this doctor performed eye transplants. The man researched it and he got himself on a list for an eye transplant for his beautiful Chana. The only problem was that there was a twenty year wait. He saw his wife was very broken.

A month later, the man runs into the house exclaiming, “Chanela! Its a miracle – You’re next! They found a donor for you!” She didn’t ask how he did it or what he did, but she knew she was going to get eyes.

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